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About Us

Pickle Solutions was formed with a single goal of innovation. What we realized having worked in large multi-national companies is that we are slowly forgetting what human beings have been doing for years, i.e. evolve. Evolution in the field of services and the way we are servicing is not happening at all. Hence we thought of starting a venture where we don’t change your business, but enrich it. Enrich it with the taste of our innovation through the experience gained over years in large companies. We call this pickling your business.

It’s a modest attempt to engage with you in various lines where we have some amount of experience and passion in such a manner that there is a non intrusive improvement in your line of operations.

Our customers range from architectural firms to college students and the experience that we want to deliver to each of them is of quality and a feeling of “edge”. The range of services we offer are all oriented towards a differentiation so that we proceed and push evolution. Let’s make something together that our next generations will be proud of.

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